Olivet University Dover Welcomes WEA Deputy Secretary General for Operations Rev. Swatkowski

October 01, 2018

By the grace of God, Olivet University (OU) Dover welcomed a new friend: newly appointed WEA Deputy Secretary General for Operations of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) The Rev. Raymond Swatkowski.

On October 1, 2018, Rev. Raymond Swatkowski was greeted by OU Chairman Dr. Andrew Lin and OU President Dr. Tracy Davis, as well as Dover Greens representatives Mr. Marian Rebro and Mr. Philip Bae at an introductory meeting on the campus of Olivet University Dover.

The meeting took place at Bethel House overlooking the landscape of the University's West Campus, where the leaves are slowly transitioning to gorgeous fall colors.

Olivet University is an official Global Partner of the World Evangelical Alliance, a network of churches serving more than 600 million evangelicals globally.

In addition to Rev. Swatkowski, the afternoon meeting also was attended by longtime staff leaders from the WEA, Director of Communications Mr. Timothy Goropevsek, and Representative to the United Nations Dr. Rebekah Goropevsek. Mr. & Dr. Goropevsek, who are married, are Olivet alumni and Dover residents.

Rev. Swatkowski gave thanks and prayed for the co-work between OU and WEA during a graceful opening prayer for the gathering.

Dr. Davis then delivered a brief presentation on behalf of OU charting the partnership between OU and the WEA from Olivet's earliest days in San Francisco. It was an opportunity for all to reflect on how God has used Olivet University to serve the global church by supporting WEA in various capacities over the years.

A presentation from Dover Greens highlighted the University's on-going progress renovating University's 1000-acre Dover campus. Special attention was given to the ongoing efforts of the University to continue to support the WEA at the "Evangelical Center," a space that has been dedicated to serving churches around the world in collaboration with WEA at OU Dover.

Following a tour of Olivet University's Dover campus, Rev. Swatkowski also was introduced and greeted at the headquarters of the World Olivet Assembly, Olivet University's denomination headquartered in Dover, New York.

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