OSMC Editing Course Incorporates Professional Resources for Training

October 03, 2018

One of the featured courses "Editing and News Judgment" at the Olivet School of Media and Communication (OSMC) will challenge students to bring their skills up to industry standard by incorporating professional training resources.

The "Editing and News Judgment" class is a graduate-level required coursework for all Master of Arts in Journalism students. It is designed to help students develop the skills and concepts needed to edit news on tight deadlines. It includes content editing, copyediting, news judgment and ethics.

A major part of the course is to have students familiarize and master Associated Press (AP) Style writing – an international journalism standard required for reporters and editors. This way, the course will provide plenty of opportunities for students to practice editing and also challenge them to be professionally certified in copyediting.

Poynter ACES Certificate in Editing is a program jointly offered by The American Copy Editors Society (ACES) and Poynter News University. It brings together the industry leaders in professional editing with the global leader in journalism training to standardize the practice of editing in a formal program. Through a series of online courses, students will gain a solid understanding of the industry standards, essential skills and best practices of editing in journalism. In the end, students will receive a professional certificate if they score at least 80 percent in each assessment.

"Editing is an important skill for professional journalists. Especially today, there are much fake information and major errors in the news. OSMC as a journalism educator has an obligation to equip students with the best editing and news judgment practices while they are still in school. The Poynter ACES Certificate in Editing program is a perfect training resource for students," said OSMC program director Eunice Or.

"Editing has always been a challenge for me. But I believe this course will surely bring me up to the required standard," said first-year graduate student Kamini Murugan.

Students are excited about the new "Editing and News Judgment" course, particularly students who use English as a second language.

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