November 27, 2018

Olivet University is pleased to share the following statement in response to the charges announced November 15, 2018 by the District Attorney's Office:

• On behalf of Olivet’s R&D program, and in particular, the "Dover Tech Park" – the product of years of planning and work to develop a hub for research and commercial activity at Olivet University's location in Dover, New York; and

• In recognition of the sincere and diligent efforts taken to ensure lenders that have been fully repaid with interest and were not harmed by Olivet's R&D program.

Olivet University’s Official Statement

"Olivet University denies the charges announced today by the District Attorney's Office and will vigorously defend itself against these unsupported allegations—including the puzzling claim that lenders have suffered no loss were somehow victimized. Olivet stands strongly by the individual members of its team who have been wrongfully accused. Olivet is a Christian institution dedicated to providing educational and spiritual opportunities to students around the globe—including in locations that are hostile to Christianity and Christian practice. Olivet is no stranger to adversity and looks forward to being fully vindicated in court."

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