OU Riverside Students Serve in "Fishes and Loaves" Anza Community Event

May 02, 2019

On April 28, 2019, Olivet University (OU) students volunteered and served food in an event organized by Living Hope Fellowship in Anza Valley Community Hall.

The event "Fishes and Loaves" happens on the last Sunday of every month and has volunteers primarily from local churches and a few other people from the community. During the event, the volunteers served food to needy families and seniors in Anza. OU students considered it as a precious opportunity to serve along with other volunteers from local churches. The event typically began at 1 p.m. and ended by 3 p.m..

"We're grateful for the opportunity to serve our community and local churches by being good neighbors. It was a great experience for our foreign students to interact with loving and faithful people in Anza. We already have another interested group of volunteers ready for next month's event," said OU Vice President Dr. Nathanael Tran who actively volunteered with the students.

"Everyone really enjoys the company of the Olivet students. Their positive presence and willingness to selflessly serve is always noticed and appreciated. One of the many other blessings when the Olivet students come is that those who regularly volunteer are able to relax and fellowship with those who come. When we serve others not only are the recipients blessed but the giver as well. Sometimes when the same group of people serves in an area it's a real treat to have others beside you or others to replace you for a bit," shared a local church member participating at the event.

OU is working with the local town to provide more community service opportunities for students. Many are looking forward to participate in community events and experience the joy of serving.

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