D.Min. Candidate Defends Project on Church Purchase, Financial Planning

June 05, 2019

A series of Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) candidates from the Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies (ZSDS) continued to defend their projects in front of the committee this past month.

Last week, another candidate successfully defended her research project on Biblical Meaning of Building Today's Church.

The motivation of the research came from the fact that every year more than 4,000 churches close their doors. It is important to raise awareness on the importance of restoring and rebuilding churches to spread the Gospel.

The author created a church purchase guide with biblical insights and its implications. The guidebook presented Practical Task in mission fields, especially for pioneering churches with smaller budgets.

The author reflected on the project saying, "Writing the research opened a new understanding of money, stewardship and generosity. This will greatly equip my future work as a deacon of the church and help me to give better guidance for members who need help in the area of church property purchasing and church financial planning."

The project received positive feedback from its readers as well as from the doctoral committee. The committee hopes the guidebook will serve as a practical guide for churches in the process of acquiring its building and financing.

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