ZSDS Holds Doctoral Committee Meeting for Colloquium Preparation

September 19, 2019

The Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies (ZSDS) held a doctoral committee meeting to discuss the preparations for its upcoming doctoral colloquium at Olivet University's San Francisco campus. The discussion topics during the meeting included courses and lectures in the colloquium, registration, accommodation, and communication lines during the colloquium.

The course planning for the 2019 doctoral colloquium will include fascinating and insightful elective courses such as Ministry Leadership and Supervision, Christian Theology and Modern Culture, in addition to the required courses such as Global Theological Foundations, Global Missiology, Doctoral Research & Presentation. Members of the doctoral committee believe that through these elective courses, participants will be able to enhance their theological understanding as well as ministerial skills.

First, the event will offer accommodations and facilitate participants with a "study-friendly" environment. Secondly, a new app designed by Olivet Institute of Technology (OIT) will be used as the official communication platform during the colloquium. The colloquium participants are given an early bird offer to register for the colloquium.

Finally, a possible relationship building community event with the neighbors was discussed in the meeting.

ZSDS hopes that the participants of the colloquium will experience a rewarding learning experience during the 2019 Doctoral colloquium.

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