Olivet University Welcomes New Academic Year, Holds Fall Convocation Services

September 25, 2019

On September 20, 2019, Olivet University students, staff and faculty from Dover, Riverside and San Francisco campuses participated in the Fall 2019 Convocation services organized in their respective campuses to welcome the new academic year.

Selected speakers spoke at the convocation in Dover, Vice President Dr. Nathanael Tran welcomed the students at Olivet's Riverside main campus, and Dr. Matthias Gebhardt greeted students at the San Francisco campus. The new and returning students were able to reflect on God's blessings and set up goals for the new academic year.

The student body at the Dover campus were encouraged to strive and seek the blessings of God like Jacob who sought God's blessing by wrestling with the messenger of God. Dr. Nathanael Tran urged the students in Riverside to respect each other's gifts and unite as one body to create a powerful synergy for God's kingdom. Dr. Matthias Gebhardt reminded the students in San Francisco about the call of the first disciples. Gebhardt encouraged students to have the same dream by possessing the attitude of being trained for frontline missions as well as supporting ministries.

May the blessings of God overflow in Olivet University during this new academic year of 2019-20 that many students will be trained efficaciously for God's kingdom.

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