Doctoral Candidates Ready to Graduate with the Passing of Oral Defenses

March 30, 2020

Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies (ZSDS) has been holding oral defense sessions every month since last November. D. Min. candidates are eligible to attend their oral defense as soon as the following month when they have completed their final paper and project book. Those who passed the oral defense will have their final paperbound and be able to graduate in June.

Two candidates passed with presentations on family ministry and spiritual preparation for missionaries. The projects emphasized on the significance of family and the basis of biblical and theological ground. A family workshop handbook was presented with aims to improve relationships of married Christian couples serving in ministry.

ZSDS Doctoral Committee Member Dr. Merill Smoak commented, "the presentation touches upon critical issues regarding today's family, and it is developed in a lucid and logical way. It would be a good model presentation for future D.Min. students."

Other D.Min. candidates have been striving to gear up for the following oral defenses scheduled in Spring Quarter. The D. Min. program at Olivet is designed to advance the candidates engaged in Christian ministries to the highest level in his or her field. Upon completing the program, a candidate will be able to design, implement, evaluate, and record an original ministry-related project at the highest doctoral standards.

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