D. Min. Candidates Pass Online Oral Defense with Distinction

May 04, 2020

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) students from both the Family and Gospel & IT track have successfully defended their D.Min. projects in a series of online defense meetings in late April. Their research findings were highly complimented by the doctoral committee.

D.Min. candidates from the Family track have passed their oral defense with topics on premarital education. Their project included developing materials and handbooks for future parents geared towards the formation of faith training. The family track covers the most current and crucial topics including premarital preparation, biblical courtship, marriage, family life, child education, parenting, senior care, and ministering to teenagers.

D.Min. candidates from the Gospel & Technology track created a guide on mobile media and advanced technology for church and IT ministers as their D.Min. project. The track intends to lead students toward utilizing advanced technology in propagating the Gospel worldwide. Students in this track can also develop projects to enhance church database management and cybersecurity.

The Zinzendorf’s School of Doctoral Studies Doctor of Ministry program’s ten ministry tracks provide an opportunity for students to select different field studies. Each track is led by a track leader with extensive experience in that respective area. Each D.Min. student has his or her doctoral committee which is composed of a track leader, a mentor, and a third reader. The school believes that students in other tracks will soon complete their final project for this year's graduation.

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