ZSDS Annual Doctoral Colloquium 2021 Successfully Concluded

November 11, 2021

The Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies' 2021 Doctoral Colloquium, hosted by Olivet University San Francisco Campus, was concluded on October 22. The colloquium was held in a hybrid format from October 11 to October 22 with doctoral students from all over the globe.

In the welcoming session on the first day, ZSDS Dean Dr. Donald Tinder welcomed doctoral students: "I was hoping you would have a productive two-week-long journey of knowledge sharing and inspiring conversation during the colloquium."

Approximately 50 doctoral students attended the colloquium in person. They had an opportunity to gain academic knowledge and ministerial expertise from the outstanding faculty of ZSDS and other fellow students.

During the colloquium, ZSDS offered a series of core courses as well as track-based lectures. Dr. David Gill, one of the special lecturers, delivered a lecture titled "Ten Words on Freedom, Justice, and Love" He expounded the Ten Commandments through the lens of freedom, justice, and love. The lecturer's content is taken from his book "Doing Right: Practicing Ethical Principles", which helps Christians from every walk of life fulfill their calling to be salt and light within their own spheres of influence.

Many colloquium attendees enjoyed the colloquium, calling it a time of self-enhancement, restoration, and healing.

"The DMin lecturers and track leaders gave well-researched presentations, and they helped me see how a thoroughly researched DMin project can lead to a conclusion for impact and change. I also received valuable feedback on my project. It was great to hear other students' project proposals," a second-year doctoral student said.

"The doctoral colloquium puts DMin students into a whole new perspective - discussing the issues of faith in an academic setting. It challenges me to ask daring questions, which we do not usually think about. If we ask the right questions, we could grow stronger in what we do and what we believe in," a first-year doctoral student shared.

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