Olivet University Joins ABHE Flagship Schools Presidents Meeting to Address Challenges in Biblical Higher Education

May 24, 2023

Distinguished presidents of the Flagship Institutions associated with the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) convened at Callaway Gardens in Mountain Pine, GA from May 16 to 18. The gathering provided a platform for thought-provoking discussions, captivating speakers, and invaluable networking opportunities. Dr. Matthias Gebhardt, President of Olivet University, was among the twelve esteemed leaders who participated in the event. Together, they explored crucial topics such as Personal Renewal, Leading People Well, Building a Leadership Team, and Pursuing the Best Partnerships, gaining insights from notable speakers like Dr. Joe Stowell, Dr. Gary Cook, Dr. Kent Anderson, Dr. Todd Williams, and more.

The 2023 gathering served as an exceptional experience for all attendees, reminding them of their significant role as presidents of institutions dedicated to biblical higher education. Given the prevailing challenges faced by the entire education sector, this event was particularly timely. Participants had the opportunity to reflect on their calling and share strategies for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of biblical higher education.

Olivet University has been an integral part of the Flagship Presidents Gathering since its inception in 2016. As a member institution of ABHE, Olivet University recognizes the importance of collaboration and professional development within the association. With over 150 member institutions spread across Canada, the United States, and related territories, ABHE serves as a valuable platform for accreditation services, kingdom-minded fellowship, and cultivating partnerships. Collectively, these institutions offer an impressive array of 2,493 programs of study, catering to a diverse student body of over 63,000 learners.

The ABHE Flagship Schools Presidents Meeting held in May 2023 brought together visionary leaders in biblical higher education to address the challenges faced by this crucial sector. Dr. Matthias Gebhardt, President of Olivet University, joined an esteemed group of presidents in engaging discussions, learning from renowned speakers, and fostering camaraderie among peers. The event served as a reminder of the vital role presidents play in shaping the future of biblical higher education and provided a platform to share insights, strategies, and best practices. By actively participating in initiatives like the Flagship Presidents Gathering, institutions like Olivet University demonstrate their commitment to excellence, collaboration, and the continued growth of biblical higher education.

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