Olivet University San Francisco Campus Kicks off Academic Year 2023-2024 with Convocation Ceremony

October 05, 2023

On September 22, the Chapel at Olivet University's San Francisco Campus came alive with the commencement of the new academic year 2023-2024, marked by a Convocation Ceremony.

Dr. Kathy Tran, a member of the OTCS faculty, presided over the convocation ceremony. She inaugurated the event by extending a warm welcome to the gathered audience, setting the tone for the proceedings, which began with a melodious opening song.

Following the musical interlude, the distinguished faculty members of the campus were introduced to the assembled attendees. Prof. Thomas Kong, a faculty member of OIT, led the audience in an invocation prayer. Subsequently, Dr. Donald Tinder, Dean of the Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies, and Dr. Tom Cowley, Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program, delivered messages of congratulations.

Dr. Tinder shared a blessing for the new academic year, drawing inspiration from 1 Corinthians 10:31, which emphasizes doing all things for the glory of God. Dr. Cowley, in his message, invoked Luke 5:37-39, encouraging a fresh start to the academic year with a metaphorical call for "new wine in new wineskins."

Dr. Joseph Lee, the Campus Director, was then invited to deliver the convocation address, drawing from the scripture Romans 11:29 and underscoring "God's calling."

"Studying at OU is a tremendous opportunity for all of you. God has a special call and unique plan for each of you, and these are tasks that God wants you to accomplish with your lives," he said. 

The convocation ceremony concluded with a closing song, followed by a benediction delivered by Dr. Merril Smoak, who serves as the Dean of the Jubilee College of Music.

The day concluded with group photos capturing the joyous occasion. The faculty and students of Olivet University's San Francisco campus expressed their gratitude to God for a graceful ceremony and eagerly anticipated a productive academic year ahead.

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