Olivet University Students Extend Thanksgiving Blessings to Local Community

November 27, 2023

On Thanksgiving day, students, staff, and faculty from Olivet University came together to bless the local community by participating in The Living Hope Christian Fellowship's Annual Thanksgiving Meal Event. Held at the Anza Community Hall, The Living Hope Church’s event has become a cherished tradition, providing hundreds of free Thanksgiving meals to residents each year.

Olivet University members dedicated their time to serve a delicious feast, including turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, casserole, cranberry sauce, and an array of desserts, to the grateful residents of Anza Valley. Adding a musical touch to the occasion, students from the Jubilee College of Music showcased their talents, serenading diners with delightful melodies.

The Living Hope Fellowship acknowledged Olivet University's meaningful contribution and service to the community. The event not only provided a platform for individuals to enjoy a hearty meal but also served as an opportunity for members of Olivet University to reconnect with friends and neighbors, fostering a sense of community and shared blessings during this festive season.

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