New University President Speaks at Commencement Ceremony

June 28, 2024

Dr. Jonathan Park, newly inaugurated as President of Olivet University, delivered the commencement address during the combined Investiture and Graduation Ceremony of 2024. In his address to the graduating class, Dr. Park encouraged them not to settle for the status quo but to venture into the world as agents of positive change.

"We at Olivet never stay still. This is my first advice to you today. We do not teach you to remain in the status quo; rather, we expect you to go into the world, become the light and the salt, and keep expanding His Kingdom," said Dr. Park. He highlighted the scarcity of spiritual knowledge in today's information-rich world, echoing the words of the prophet Amos about a famine of hearing the words of the LORD.

Dr. Park also expressed gratitude to the university community for their dedication to enhancing the institution. "We are grateful for what God has done for Olivet University over the past 20 years, helping students put their faith into action and spread God’s word across the world. But we know that it’s not over yet. We look forward to the future," he remarked.

The ceremony, attended by numerous guests including local community leaders, former and current board members, and alumni, marked a historic moment for the university.

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