D.Min. Candidates Defend Projects, Create a Guidebook for Christian Leaders in the Marketplace

May 23, 2019

Selected Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) candidates will be scheduled to defend their projects in front of a panel of Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies (ZSDS) faculty.

A variety of projects include a guidebook for business leaders who are committed to God's kingdom and called to fulfill the biblical role of deacons. Through in-depth theological and biblical analysis, the project suggested that Christian leaders in the marketplace have the spiritual commission like deacons in the Church.

The guidebook reminds business leaders of their identity and position in order to help them fulfill their callings.

The design of the guidebook is based on a preliminary survey conducted among a target group and some of the nation's prominent Christian business leaders.

"This is an excellent project in helping business leaders develop spiritual virtues needed for the business ministry. I truly hope the guidebook can be distributed and used widely among Christian business leaders," said Dr. Tom Cowley, D.Min. program director and the mentor of the candidate.

The Doctoral Committee is very pleased with the project being centered on God's word and hopes it will contribute greatly to business ministries.

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