2019 Doctoral Colloquium Kicks Off at San Francisco Campus

October 24, 2019

The annual doctoral colloquium has kicked off at Olivet University's San Francisco Campus on October 14. The colloquium will be held from October 14 to 25, discussing and presenting diverse theological and ministerial topics of today's Christian world. Over fifty doctoral students are attending the courses designed to equip pastors, missionaries, key church leaders, and parachurch leaders. The attendees are expected to deepen the perspectives of their current vocation and enhance their competences through the theological courses and cohort track meetings.

The colloquium courses feature various seminars on Theological Foundation for Ministry, Doctoral Research & Presentation, and Global Missiology. The seminars "Ministry Leadership and Supervision" by Dr. Leroy Gainey, "Advanced Study on Discipleship" by Dr. William Wagner, "Christian Theology and World Culture" by Dr. Joseph J. Lee, "Advanced Exploration and Application of Global Missiology" by Dr. Ray Tallman, and "Spiritual Biography" by Dr. Tom Cowley and Dr. Mark Wagner are offered newly in the 2019 colloquium.

The first day's session started with the welcoming address of the campus president Dr. Matthias Gebharbt and other ZSDS faculty. The Ph.D. students began their colloquium with the seminar, "Ministry Leadership and Supervision" lectured by Dr. LeRoy Gainey.

"Leadership is a process, it is not a position, said Dr. Gainey during one of his lectures. "Whenever there is leadership, there are three essential elements, all of which have great influence over the outcome: there is a leader, there are one or more followers and then you have to consider the leadership situation. Understanding the role of each of these is foundational to becoming an effective leader."

"Every colloquium is the highlight of the academic year as it gives me and many students a break from the independent study throughout the rest of the year," a 2nd year Ph.D. student said.

"Spending time with faculty and other students is very valuable not only to academically sharpen the focus of my studies but also it also refreshes my heart and mind as we discuss the progress and challenges and spending time in fellowship and praying for each other."

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