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All applicants to Olivet University should evidence strong a Christian character, potential for effectiveness in Christian ministry, and the scholastic ability and emotional maturity to handle a higher education experience.

Olivet University Room & Board Fee Waiver Policy

The purpose of this policy is to achieve several objectives:

1. Supporting diversity and inclusion: A large portion of Olivet University's students have had missionary experience or will be involved in missions directly or indirectly, and many of them come from all around the world, including non-developed countries. In order to promote diversity and inclusion by ensuring that individuals from different socioeconomic backgrounds have the opportunity to participate, the University's Business Office has decided to set up this fee waiver policy, which can help remove financial barriers for those who want to participate in missions.

2. Fulfilling social responsibility or enhancing public relations: Since the University receives donations from alumni all around the world, it feels a responsibility to give back to their support and to support the students coming from their countries. By extending this support to all students, Olivet University can enhance its public relations and reputation with the alumni.

3. Encouraging recruitment: A fee waiver policy can encourage more students to enroll in programs or services by reducing financial barriers and making them more accessible to a wider range of individuals all around the world.

The scope of the policy:

Who will be eligible:

All active students at the Riverside and San Francisco campuses and their families.

What fees are to be waived:

On-Campus Housing fees at Riverside Campus

Room Type Non WOA WOA
Dorm 4-occupancy (shared bath) $260 per person /month $180 per person /month
Dorm 3-occupancy (shared bath) $300 per person /month $200 per person /month
Dorm 2-occupancy (shared bath) $340 per person /month $280 per person /month
Dorm Single (0.5 bath) $600 per person /month $600 per person /month
Dorm Single with Bath $720 per person /month $650 per person /month
Application FeeApplication Fee $100
Deposit $200
Room Reservation Fee $30 $10
Storage Fee $50 $50

On-Campus Housing fees at San Francisco Campus

Room Type Students Guest
Dorm 1-occupancy (shared bath) $1000 per room / month $33 per day
Dorm Single with Bath $1000 per room / month/td> $33 per day
Studio apartment $1030 and up / month N.A.
1-Bdr apartment $1450 and up / month N.A.
2-Bdr apartment $1800 and up / month N.A
3-Bdr + apartment $2250 and up / month N.A
Deposit (due upon arrival) One month of rent> $330
Room Reservation Fee $100 $100
Additional Parking Fee $100 per month N.A

Meal Plan

Adult (15+years) $9.00 per meal $7.00 per meal

Application process:

No application needed. Room & Board fees are automatically waived for all residents in these two locations as long as this policy is in effect.

Communicate the policy:

  • - Publishing the policy on the university website.
  • - Presenting at Orientation
  • - Copy of policy in the handbook
  • - Providing training to relevant staff members who will be responsible for implementing the policy

Cancellation policy:

  • - OU reserves the right to cancel the fee waiver at anytime
  • - Reasons it can be canceled: not active student, suspension/expulsion, misbehavior

Evaluate the policy:

Review the policy yearly to ensure that it is achieving its intended goals and making a positive impact.

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