Admissions & Aid

All applicants to Olivet University should evidence strong a Christian character, potential for effectiveness in Christian ministry, and the scholastic ability and emotional maturity to handle a higher education experience.


F-1 students are allowed to work on-campus, but are limited to 20 hours per week while school is in session, and 40 hours per week during quarter breaks and summer vacation. There are provisions allowing students to temporarily work more than 20 hours in a given week under certain circumstances, but this must be approved by the university business office.

University positions for students are funded 100% by colleges and departments. These jobs are designed to have flexible work hours designed to accommodate students' class schedules. The responsibility and wages are determined by the employer. Department heads must ensure that students are not surpassing allowed hours by working for multiple departments.


The purpose of the student employment program is threefold:

  1. 1. Support the operations of the University with part-time assistance from students in various educational and administrative tasks;
  2. 2. Allow students to supplement their income to assist with educational expenses;
  3. 3. Provide students with work-study opportunities that provide real-world experiences hopefully related to their areas of study.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Students are employed on a part-time basis, up to 20 hours per week (with exceptions defined below) and may be assigned to support various functions of the University, including work that is clerical, tutorial, technical, custodial, maintenance, etc. Departments are responsible for defining the duties and responsibilities for each student position. Job descriptions should be clearly defined before an opening is advertised, and discussed with student applicants at the time of the interview.

Hiring Procedures

Departments that have identified both funds and a need for student employees should first clarify the proposed job description. This job description should be outlined in the job description list maintained by the HR department. Vacancies can then be advertised on campus bulletin boards and through the MyOlivet system.

When students apply for vacancies, he or she must complete a Student Employment Application form and submit it to the Student Finance office. A Student Employment Requisition form must be on file with the HR department.

Eligibility for Employment

On-campus student employees:

  1. 1. Must have and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 per quarter.

  2. 2. Must be a currently enrolled student at Olivet University at least half-time during each quarter of employment. (Half-time enrollment is: undergraduate – 6 quarter units minimum, graduate - 4 quarter units minimum.)

Only continuing student employees (continuing in the same department) with prior enrollment in spring quarter and continuing enrollment in fall quarter are exempt from the enrollment requirement during summer quarter. All new hires must be enrolled at the time of employment. Non-resident alien student employees must be enrolled full-time while employed.

Social Security Numbers

Employers must send the international student with the on-campus employment verification form to the Olivet International Student Office (OISO) so the student can obtain documentation that will be required for them to apply for a social security number. Using the above information, the OISO will draft a letter for the international student to take to Social Security Administration (SSA). Students going to the SSA office should bring the following documents:

  • ●   Employment Verification Letter issued by the University
  • ●   Completed SS-5 form (available at
  • ●   Passport with valid I-94 form
  • ●   Original I-20 document

Questions about this process may be directed to OISO or by calling the Social Security Administration at (800) 772-1213.

Once the above is completed, the international student must take the original receipt or submit the original Social Security card along with a completed I-9 to the HR department at the time of their hiring appointment.

Working Hours

Per US Citizenship & Immigration Service regulations, failure to comply with the following policy is a violation of the student's Visa status that could ultimately result in deportation.

  • ●   International students may only be employed in on-campus positions.
  • ●   International students may not work more than twenty (20) hours per week and no more than 8 hours per day. If employed by more than one department or under multiple payrolls, the student must arrange his/her schedule with each department so that the combined hours worked in all positions does not exceed 20 hours per week.

The student must not be allowed to begin work until the hiring department receives an Authorization to Begin Work from the HR department. If the student is allowed to work before authorized, the student's eligibility to remain in this country may be jeopardized. The student employee must submit the following documents to obtain the Authorization to Begin Work:

  • ●   Copy of their current class schedule and a copy of their previous quarter grades
  • ●   Student's original Social Security card
  • ●   Acceptable documents to complete the Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9)

Olivet University policy states that when school is in session, on-campus student employees may work up to, but not in excess of 20 hours per week and no more than 8 hours per day. However, under certain emergency situations, supervisors may request approval for student employees to work up to, but not more than, 30 hours per week.

During quarter breaks only, on-campus student employees may work additional hours (maximum 40 hours) when approved in advance. A request must be submitted in writing to the HR department for approval. The request must indicate the student's name, SID number, dates, number of hours and a brief justification for the additional hours. Once approved, a copy must be submitted to the University business office.

Additional Information

For more information, you may access the On-Campus Student Employment Handbook here.

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