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All applicants to Olivet University should evidence strong a Christian character, potential for effectiveness in Christian ministry, and the scholastic ability and emotional maturity to handle a higher education experience.

Scholarship Application Process and Forms 2024


Scholarship at Olivet University begins with the commitment of the affiliated ministries to quality education. Gifts from the affiliated ministries and faithful individuals provide major funding for financial assistance. The University Scholarship serves as a tool to meet the enrollment goals of the University and attract students who would contribute to His Kingdom and the diverse student population. The goal of scholarship is to remove financial barriers in order to maintain access for qualified students.

Application Process and Forms

Instructions and eligibility information for scholarship can be found in the academic catalog and on the website. Updated scholarship information and application forms are made available at least 60 days before the deadline. The application process is outlined below.

  • 1. Scholarship announcement: The Student Finance Office announces the submission of scholarship applications 21-30 days prior to the application deadline for current students. And send announcements to new applicants while they are applying to a program.
  • 2. Scholarship application: Interested students complete and submit the scholarship application form along with all required documents by the stated deadline. The scholarship application forms are available at
  • 3. Application review: The student finance office reviews each scholarship application to ensure that all eligibility requirements are met and all necessary documents are included.
  • 4. Selection process: The Scholarship Committee, consisting of the Chief Financial Officer, College Deans, and Directors, reviews eligible applications and selects recipients based on predetermined criteria, such as academic achievement, financial need, and community involvement.
  • 5. Scholarship notification:
    • Award disbursement and notification: The student finance office disburses scholarships to awarded students and notifies the scholarship recipients via email.
    • Send notifications to scholarship-rejected students by email at least 21 days prior to the payment deadline.


Olivet University Financial Aid Office offers financial aid counseling services to students. If you want to discuss your individual financial situation or have any questions regarding how to choose the right scholarship type, scholarship qualifications, the application process, how to maintain your scholarship, and so on, please contact the Financial Aid Office at studentfinance, or schedule a personal counseling meeting with the staff.

In addition to individual counseling, the Financial Aid Office conducts an orientation at the beginning of each quarter. During the orientation, the following information will be provided to students, and there will be a Q&A session at the end:

  • Student Populi/ Financial Introduction
  • Financial Information
  • Tuition & Fees
  • Fee Waiver Policy
  • Payment
  • Financial Aid
  • Cancellation and Refund Policy
  • Financial Aid Application Process and Forms


To apply for the scholarship, students must submit the Scholarship Application form by the deadline. For the fall quarter, the form should be submitted by September 20, 2024, for the winter quarter by December 27, 2024, and for the spring quarter by April 4, 2025.

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